Regional Commissioner Rajneesh Goel has said that all wakf properties that had been encroached upon over the past few years would be recovered. Private properties that have come up illegally on such land would be demolished.

Addressing presspersons here on Saturday, Dr. Goel said several cases of encroachments of prime properties in Gulbarga, Yadgir and other districts in the Gulbarga revenue division had come to light.

Steps had been initiated to clear these encroachments, he added. In Gulbarga city, the encroachments had been found at many places, including Noorbagh. Revenue officials had been instructed to initiate measures to remove the encroachmentsand restore them to the wakf board.

He said that Minister for Wakf and Minority Welfare Mumtaz Ali Khan had, in a circular, said 8.32 acres belonging to Masjid-e-Ahele Khureshi (Sunni) at Mominpura was a wakf property and had been declared otherwise in Revenue records. A property that had been notified in the Gazette as a wakf property cannot be changed or notified in other names. Dr. Goel said a 44-acre property belonging to the wakf board in Yadgir had also been encroached upon. “Measures have been initiated to recover the land,” he said.