Staff Correspondent

HASSAN: Honorary Director of Punya Bhoomi (Parisara Priya Krishikara Seva Samsthe) Vijaya Angadi, an expert in organic agriculture, has advised farmers to go in for alternatives to chemical fertilizers as there will be an acute fertilizer shortage in the future.

In an interview to The Hindu here on Friday, Mr. Angadi said vermi complex, concentrates, enriched compost, cattle urine, green manure and liquid excreta of cattle could be used in place of chemical fertilizers. Vermi complex could be prepared within a few days. This could be used as the main fertilizer during sowing and also when there is standing crop (before harvesting).

Mr. Angadi said castor cakes were also available in plenty with oil extracting units in Hassan district and could either be administered directly or mixed with water before being used in the soil. He said cow dung, urine, jaggery, pulses and fertile soil from the land could be mixed in water and directly sprayed on standing crop. They could also be put into the soil around the crop. Mr. Angadi said all waste available around us could be converted into compost manure. Plants such as Glyricediya, Erythrina (Halavana), Cowpa (Alasandi), Honge, Ficus, Mulberry, Dayancha and Sunhemp could be grown along the edges of the land using green manure and their leaves could be used as compost manure.