Vice-Chancellor of the Karnataka State Open University M.G. Krishnan said here on Monday that globalisation had opened new avenues and career opportunities for the young to pursue.

Delivering the first graduation day address of St. Joseph’s First Grade College, Mr. Krishnan said there was a time when fresh graduates aspired to be either teachers or civil servants and could not visualise any other option.

“But today, globalisation – despite all its ill-effects – has thrown up lots of opportunities to graduates,” he said.

He said India’s demographic dividend – of having the largest percentage of young people in the world – would benefit the country in future and by 2030 or 2040, when the rest of the world would suffer from a greying population, India would have the highest percentage of young people. This human resource potential had to be harnessed to the fullest.

He drew attention to the scourge of illiteracy prevailing in the country. The number of cases of female infanticide and foeticide was the highest in the world and more-fortunate students with access to education should do their bit for the poorer sections of society.

Received certificates

In all, 32 B.Com. students and 8 BBM students received their degree certificates.

Secretary and Correspondent of Mysore Diocesan Educational Society Rev. Thomas Becket D’Souza, Bishop of Mysore Rev. Thomas Anthony Vazhapilly, college principal C.M. Mani, and Academic Council Head P. Mallikarjuna Shetty were present.