Citizens in Mysore should be prepared for water rationing from this week following the drop in water-level in the Krishnraja Sagar (KRS).

Water will be supplied on alternate days and the area-wise schedule will be announced in due course.

The emergency pumps have already been made operational as the water has stopped flowing through the canals due to high evaporation rate and the rapid decline in the water level in KRS, which is 71.09 ft as against the full reservoir level of 124.08 ft. This was announced by Mysore district in-charge Minister S.A. Ramdas here on Tuesday.

“Though we were bracing ourselves for water rationing from April, lack of inflow into the KRS and searing heat and high evaporation rate has made water rationing inevitable from the last week of March,” said Mr. Ramdas. Given the critical situation in the KRS, water supply to Bangalore may also be affected in the days ahead.

However, as far as Mysore was concerned, the available quantum coupled with water rationing would help meet local requirements till May, Mr. Ramdas said.

The emergency pumps at Hongalli were switched on once the unit supplying water through the Devaraja Canal stopped functioning as the canal ran dry. As against nearly 90 MLD, the emergency pumping station will ensure supply of 50 MLD.

According to Mr. Ramdas, the available quantum of water in the reservoir is reckoned to be about 3.5 tmcft. He pointed out that in case the water-level went below 60 feet, there were plans to pump water from the dead storage.

In addition, Mysore also gets supply from Melapura where water is pumped from the river bed and is expected to help the city tide over the crisis through rationing and judicious use of water.

  • Water will be supplied on alternate days; schedule to be announced

  • ‘Lack of inflow into the KRS, high evaporation rate has made it inevitable’