Karwar: Deputy Commissioner Ritesh Kumar Singh has said that the operation to remove fuel from "Ocean Sareya," the ship that ran aground off the Karwar coast and subsequently broke into two, would begin on Sunday. The company in charge of managing the ship was pressured to expedite the salvage operation. Fifteen experts would be engaged in the operation, he said. The pumping equipment for the purpose had arrived from Bangalore.

Coast Guard Commander I. G. Rajashekaran visited the town on Saturday and made arrangements for providing an inflatable barge of 200 tonne capacity to help the operation. A Dornier aircraft of the Coast Guard sprayed oil-spill dispersant around the ship on Saturday.

Mr. Singh said a sample test carried out had shown that oil content in the seawater was 20 mg a litre, whereas it was 9,000 mg a kg in the sand on the beach.