Filing of papers expected to pick up after Ugadi

Filing of nominations from 11 Assembly constituencies in Mysore district began on Wednesday.

Four nominations were filed on the first day.

Umadevi M., a Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist) candidate, and Kumar H., Independent, filed their nomination papers from Chamaraja Assembly constituency. Harish G.S. filed papers as an Independent from Krishnarajanagar segment while Rachappaji of the Republican Party of India filed his papers from Varuna.

More nominations are expected to be filed after Ugadi. Campaigning is expected to gain momentum from Friday, once the Ugadi festivities are over.

The last date for filing nominations is April 17.

District profile

There are 20,98,578 voters in the district, of whom 10,65,513 are male and 10,33,065 female, according to a press release from the office of the Deputy Commissioner, who is also the district election officer.

Chamundeshwari constituency has the highest number of voters — 2,26,445 — followed by Hunsur.

Krishnarajanagar constituency has more women voters — 1,00,833 of the 2,01,302 voters are female.

As on April 7, the last date for accepting applications for revision of voters’ list, 1,05,046 applications, including Form 6, 7, 8 and 8A, had been received. Of the 2,538 polling booths in the district, 987 have been identified as sensitive and 52 hypersensitive. There are 40 auxiliary booths in the district.

The elections require 2,965 ballot units and 2,965 control units of electronic voting machines. But, they are available in excess — 3,850 ballot units and 3,030 control units are available, a press release from the office of the Deputy Commissioner, who is also the district election officer, said.

Steps have been taken for enforcing the model code of conduct. Forty-four flying squads, 49 static surveillance teams, 14 video surveillance teams, 11 video viewing teams and 129 sectoral magistrate teams have been constituted by district election officer C. Shikha.

A team under Nagaraja Murthy, Assistant Director, Horticulture, has also been constituted to enforce the poll code, the release added.

  • There are 20,98,578 voters in Mysore district

  • Of the 2,538 polling booths, 987 have been identified as sensitive and 52 hypersensitive