CHIKMAGALUR: D.K. Taradevi Siddartha, former Union Minister, has welcomed the bilateral agreement for civilian nuclear cooperation between India and the United States.

In a press release, Ms. Siddartha has stated that the agreement will help India emerge as an economically developed country.

She has expressed satisfaction that the agreement will signify an end to the nuclear blockade experienced by the country after it carried out its first underground nuclear test 34 years ago. Pointing out that this historic agreement will give the country access to superior technology and provide jobs in research institutes and industries, she regretted that some parties were opposing the deal for political reasons.

Ms. Siddartha accused the BJP of attempting to mislead people by trying to block the agreement until it came to power.

She said Indo-U.S. relationships started improving during the Vajpayee Government and the nuclear deal was also part of the agenda of the NDA Government.