The former Minister S.K. Kanta has challenged the quashing of proceedings against the then president and members of the Managing Council of the Hyderabad Karnataka Education Society (HKES) and the principal of the PDA College of Engineering in the Supreme Court, through a special leave petition (SLP), regarding the controversial sale of a fighter aircraft, the Messerschmitt BF109E-1.

The SLP was filed on November 22.

Mr. Kanta had filed a complaint with the police in November 2002, against the then HKES Managing Council president and 14 governing council members, for handing over the vintage aircraft in 2002 to a Bangalore-based antique collector, Girish Naidu, in exchange for an aircraft in a non-flying condition, an antique Morris car, an antique motorcycle and a Raleigh bicycle.

The SLP claimed that Mr. Naidu had procured a false document which stated that the Messerschmitt BF109E-1 was carried over for repair and would not be sold. It alleged that Mr. Naidu later sold the aircraft secretly. He also did not appear before the investigating officers and did not follow the bail conditions imposed by the court and absconded. The police had filed charges against all the accused under sections 120 (B), 406, 423, 242, 467, 468 and 471 of the IPC. The SLP said the aircraft was a priceless treasure and had a very high value in the international market.

According to information available online, the aircraft had been shifted to the college premises in 1961 and used as an instruction kit for students.

The SLP claimed that the Indian Air Force had made a vain bid to take over the aircraft from the PDA College of Engineering and to preserve the aircraft in its museum. However, the college had refused to hand over the aircraft, on the plea that it belonged to the government.

  • The aircraft was handed over to Naidu in 2002

  • ‘Indian Air Force was trying to take over the aircraft from the PDA College of Engineering’