Special Correspondent

Gulbarga: The police said on Saturday that they had picked up for questioning five members of a Muslim family from Jamnagar in Gujarat for scouting for brides for marriage with Muslim boys based in Gujarat.

The police stopped one marriage in which a girl from Gulbarga was supposed to marry a boy from Gujarat.

Based on the complaint filed by the Janawadi Mahila Sanghatane (JMS), the police went to the house where the Gujarat-based Muslim family was negotiating a marriage with a daughter of a Moulvi of a Masjid in Tavaragera on Saturday.

According to Meenakshi Bali, spokesperson of the JMS, they had received complaints about “bogus” marriages, particularly among the Muslims and also about people from Gujarat scouting for brides.

She said the Gujarat-based Muslim family was camping in Gulbarga for the past couple of days and had arranged the marriage of a person of their family with the daughter of a Moulvi in Tavaragera.

According to her, elders in the village opposed the marriage as the bride and bridegroom do not belong to the same sect. However, the parents of the bride said that they had no objection in giving their girl in marriage to a boy from Gujarat and nobody else should have any objection. The bride also did not have any objection to the marriage.

Bridegroom Razak said since it was difficult to find a bride in Gujarat, they had come to Gulbarga in search of one. He added they had not paid ’Mahr’.