Visitors were taken aback by a shriek from behind the aquarium accessories outlet at the St. Sebastian Jubilee Auditorium here on Saturday. It turned out to be the cry of a beautiful blue and gold macaw from South America, It is on display at the Health, Fitness and Beauty exhibition that began here on Friday.

The macaw is among birds of myriad hues and sizes that Jay, a collector of Pets Oasis, has put on display. Mr. Jay said that the birds were not for sale.

He has exhibited species such as sun conure, show budgie, African grey parrot and the white citron cockatoo with a yellow crest and the double yellow headed amazon. Princeson of Prizm Events, Chennai, is exhibiting nearly 1,000 species of fish. The price of the Chinese Feng Sui fish is said to range between Rs. 900 and Rs. 3,500. A fish the size of a finger is totally black and is known as the Black Ghost or feather fish.

A whitish fish of almost the same size but with a red cap and a funny fish that looks and moves sideways like a ball on being touched by someone, drew the visitors' attention.

Other varieties on display are bubble eye gold, tattooed parrot fish, red eye tetras, blue dolphin, red cap gold, veil tail angel, Oscars, albino walking cat, parl aravana, silver aravana, the calm and white diamond angel and the snake-like morai eel.