The Lokayukta Court on Monday ordered the Lokayukta police to lodge an FIR and conduct an investigation into allegations that the former Chief Minster N. Dharam Singh of the Congress and his then cabinet colleague H.D. Revanna of the Janata Dal (Secular) had colluded to illegally denotify land.

The allegation was levelled by one Rayasandra Ravi in a private complaint filed before the court on April 7. He had alleged that in 2006 Mr. Singh misused his official position and acquiesced to Mr. Revanna's request seeking denotification of a piece of land that had been identified for acquisition by the BDA in 1996.

The action allegedly benefited his sister-in-law

The complainant submitted certain documents before the court showing that 10 acres and 11 guntas of land in Uttarahalli had been notified for acquisition by the BDA. Such a notification puts a moratorium on further sale and transfer of the land until the time that sites are formed and allotted to beneficiaries.

Ignoring the moratorium, Kavitha Balakrishne Gowda (Mr. Revanna's sister-in-law) purchased a portion of the notified land from the original land owners.

A few months after this allegedly illegal purchase, Mr. Revanna (then PWD Minister) approached Mr. Singh with a petition seeking the denotification of the portion that Ms. Kavitha had purchased. Mr. Singh gave in to this demand.

A few months after the denotification, Ms. Kavitha sold the land for a profit of Rs. 3.5 crore.