: The Akhila Bharata Janawadi Mahila Sanghatane (ABJMS) and Prajnya Kanoonu Salaha Samiti of Gulbarga have condemned the fatwa issued against the all-girl rock band ‘Pragaash’ in Kashmir by fundamentalist organisations.

In a press release, members of the organisations said the fatwa was an uncivilised and regressive step, and was yet another attempt to control the minds of women. They said it was not just an attack on women’s freedom, but also an assault on culture.

The band comprising Noma Nazir, Farla Deepa and Anika Khalid had to go into hiding due to the threats by fundamentalists.

Protect the girls

Such forces are opposed to all kinds of humanitarian activities, they are willing to kill all those who are opposed to their methods of thought. At such testing times, the government of Jammu and Kashmir should protect the girls, and should ensure that they are are not harmed, they said.

The Constitution of India aims at removing all inequalities based on race, reglion, caste, creed and gender, but a feudal society that is run by men is opposed to any kind of equality which is why such incidents occur, the members said. They have also opposed the assaults on women being carried out in the name of moral policing in Mangalore. Organisations like Bajrang Dal and Durga Vahini have been assaulting citizens, with the tacit support of the ruling class, they said. However, the government should not tolerate such acts and punish those responsible for it. A rise in such incidents hits at the root of democracy and slows down development and all citizens should protest against such injustice, they said.

Neela K., ABJMS State unit vice-president; Jagadevi Noolkar, district secretary; L. Vastrad, youth wing convener; Meenakshi Bali, samiti president; and Prabhu Khanapure, vice-president, signed the release.