You can have an ego trip for a modest sum

In this day of instant communication, when snail mail has lost its hold over the younger generation, the Karnataka Circle of India Post has come up with a scheme that’s bound to appeal to it.

My Stamp is a personalised service where you can fill a form that entitles you to 12 stamps of Rs. 5 denomination. Submit your photo, and for a modest Rs. 300, you literally leave your stamp on your mail: your picture will be clubbed along with your choice of stamp.

Corporate customers can avail themselves of this facility for their organisations for a minimum order of 5,000 stamps.

Hilda Abraham, Chief Postmaster General, Karnataka Postal Circle, said: “Philately is a fascinating hobby. We want people to nurture this hobby and have, therefore, an innovative idea. .”

India Post distributed prizes to winners of on-the-spot ‘Design-a-Stamp’ contest held on Children’s Day.

Shreya Badamikar, who received the first prize at the regional level, said she had fun designing her stamp.

Santosh Kumar, her father and a drawing teacher, said: “I am glad that my daughter participated in this competition. In this technological age, children are not even aware of postcards and posts.”