Special Correspondent

GULBARGA: Wednesday was a special day for the farming community in north Karnataka districts. It is on this day that farmers and their family members celebrate “Yellu Amavasya”. They spend the entire day in the fields and share specially prepared dishes with their friends and relatives after offering it to Mother Earth and the standing crops.

The day is not celebrated in a ritualistic manner, and every year the celebrations have some purpose. The involvement of the farmers and their family members in the celebration has to be seen to be believed. Religion or caste does not come in the way, and Muslim and Hindu farmers come together to celebrate the festival.

Attired in new clothes, the people head to their fields.

After performing puja to the standing crops and thanking Mother Earth for being kind to them and providing them food and livelihood, they offer specially prepared dishes such as vegetable curries, kadubus and rotis made with jowar and bajra, different kinds of rice items and freshly prepared butter and ghee to the standing crops and Mother Earth.

Later, the food is shared with friends and relatives. The leftovers are left in the fields for birds and animals to feast on.