Shankar Bennur

‘Some youths from nearby villages could be behind such incidents in the city’

A special team constituted to nab the culprits

Women from localities on the outskirts of the city are living in fear

MYSORE: The Mysore City Police are working overtime on new strategies to contain the menace of chain-snatching.

With the city acquiring notoriety for chain-snatching, the police, for the first time, are roping in retired police officers and private investigative agencies to curb the menace.

The police have stumbled upon vital leads contrary to what they believed till recently that the some local youths could be behind the crime. They suspect that some youths from nearby villages could be behind the recent chain-snatching incidents at Kuvempunagar, Srirampura, Saraswathipuram and surrounding localities.


“We suspect outsiders’ role in the crime,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime and Traffic) Jawaharhal told The Hindu.

A special team comprising officers from the Mysore City Crime Branch (CCB) has been constituted to nab the culprits.


Mr. Jawaharlal said the city police had decided to take the help of the District Police for “nakabandi” on the city-district borders.

“I will soon speak to Superintendent of Police Rama Subba in this regard. We have information that some youth from nearby villages could be the culprits. Going by the way they disappear after committing the crime, it gives credence to our suspicion. It is easy for the culprits to sneak into villages after committing the crime,” he said.

If necessary, the city and the district police officers may keep joint vigil on the district’s borders here, he added.

Mr. Jawaharlal admitted that the city police were planning to seek the services of private investigative agencies for information on the culprits.

“Members of such agencies will provide us information soon after the incidents or even help in nabbing the culprits,” the Deputy Commissioner of Police said.


Meanwhile, a meeting of retired police officers, who were known for curbing chain-snatching incidents when they were in service, has been convened to elicit their views on the methods to be adopted to contain the menace.

“The city police had some of the best deputy commissioners of police in the past who successfully contained the chain-snatching menace. There were some inspectors who had the reputation of cracking down on criminals with ease. They are being roped in to help the officers to effectively curb the menace,” the Deputy Commissioner of Police said. Last year, a special squad was constituted to curb the menace.


The 15-member squad, equipped with motorcycles, was set up to intensify patrolling in areas where cases of chain-snatching were rampant.

A policeman from each station in the city is part of the squad. They should rush to the spot of crime within minutes on receipt of information. Each police station has been provided with a motorcycle.

In an effort to contain the menace, the city police took the help of the youth from those localities where such incidents occurred frequently in the past.

“Community police” units have been formed to help the police in nabbing chain-snatchers.

The police send SMS to community policemen when a chain-snatching incident occurs.

They must immediately go to the area in order to help the police catch the culprit. Despite forming additional special squads and the community police, the police are yet to put an end to the menace.

Following a series of chain-snatching incidents, women from residential localities on the outskirts of the city such as Kuvempunagar, Gokulam, Vijayanagar, V.V. Mohalla, J.L. Puram, Saraswathipuram and Srirampura are living in fear.

Chain-snatchers operate in isolated places of residential localities and places where women go for regular walks.

“If all our efforts go in vain, the Government may be requested to grant permission for shoot-at-sight order,” the Deputy Commissioner of Police said.