Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: Five actors facing an audience and engaging them in a conversation that becomes, well, a play.

In what promises to be an interesting experiment with interactive theatre, Yours Truly Theatre presents a series of four performances in the month of July and August.

Audience cue

In “Sunday Brunch” (at 11.30 a.m. on July 27 at Nayana Hall, Ravindra Kalakesthra), the actors will bring out multiple reactions and stories from the audience on things that might have happened to them on a Sunday. The actors will then use the tools of theatre to enact the whole story on the spot, with music and lights.


In “Common Man” (7.30 p.m. on August 22 at Rangashankara), the audience will decide the ending and the last few scenes of the play. The play, a social satire that is a tribute to the common man, combines elements of storytelling, song, dance and lighting that form a single composition. “Changes” (7.30 p.m. on August 30 at Nayana Hall, Ravindra Kalakesthra) will have the actors performing stories given by the audience.

Last play

“Bhagvan Dundo” (7.30 p.m. on August 31 at Nayana Hall, Ravindra Kalakesthra), is a new satirical play by the group. It is a humorous look at how changing lifestyles impact tradition.

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