Rainfall will be 10 per cent more than normal

Rainfall in Bidar district is expected to be 10 per cent more than normal.

“The Meteorological Department has also predicted that the number of rainy days will be more than 58 this rain year (June 2013 to May 2014),” said Vishwanath Biradar, weather scientist at the agricultural research station.

He was speaking at a pre-monsoon training programme for farmers at the Krishi Vigyan Kendra here on Thursday.

More than last year

Dr. Biradar said rainfall was expected to be at least 20 per cent more than that of last year.

The annual average rainfall over 112 years was 855 mm rain, but last year, the district received only around 670 mm. This was enough to sustain crops, but it did not improve groundwater level. This year, the district might get 850 to 900 mm rain, he said.

Early signs

According to him, the first monsoon showers are expected between June 7 and 11. The movement of cold winds from the Arabian Sea towards the mainland started on May 23. This was an early sign of a normal monsoon, he said.

The highest amount of rainfall was expected in August, Dr. Biradar said. Farmers who choose to cultivate crops harvested in August should pick varieties that can withstand heavy showers and stand in inundated fields, at least for a few days, he advised.

For example, soya bean would not be affected by heavy rain, whereas farmers would have to be careful about sensitive crops such as green gram and niger.

  • ‘The number of rainy days will be more than 58 this rain year’

  • ‘First monsoon showers expected between June 7 and 11’