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Increase in arrack rental pushes up the collection to Rs. 40.34 crore this year

Collection of arrack rentals stood at Rs. 28.96 crore in 2004-05 No arrack duty collected this year

Madikeri: The Excise revenue collection from Kodagu district for 2005-06 has touched a new high of Rs. 40.34 crore as against the Rs. 34.49 crore collected in the previous year. It amounts to a growth of 16.95 per cent compared to 2004-05.

The arrack rental increase made all the difference in the revenue collection. A sum of Rs. 28.96 crore revenue was collected in the form of arrack rentals in the district in 2004-05 while it went up to Rs. 37.94 crore in 2005-06. Interest collected over the sums went up from Rs. 28.97 lakh in 2004-05 to Rs. 40.22 lakh this year.

No arrack duty could be collected this year because the duty was paid at the source of purchase from this year.

A sum of Rs. 1.95 crore was collected in 2004-05.

Licence fee and revenue from fines and confiscations showed marked decrease in 2005-06 vis-a-vis previous year.

Licence fee collection was Rs. 3.01 crore in 2004-05 while it was Rs. 1.81 crore in 2005-06. Revenue from fines and confiscations stood at Rs. 17.21 lakh in 2004-05 and it was Rs. 11.25 lakh this year, N.M. Hussain, in-charge Deputy Commissioner (Excise), said on Thursday.

Increase in consumption

There has been a marked increase in the consumption of liquor as well in all categories arrack, Indian manufactured liquor (IML) and beer, Mr. Hussain said. Arrack consumption is up by 138 per cent this year in Kodagu, registering an increase of 12.80 lakh litres.

It was 33.65 lakh litres in 2004-05 while it was 46.45 lakh litres in the current year (as on March 31).

Similarly, in the IML category, the growth rate was 132 per cent with an increase of 5.33 lakh litres. In terms of consumption, as much as 16.41 lakh litres of IML was registered in the district in 2004-05 while it was 21.74 lakh litres this year, Mr. Hussain said.

Beer consumption recorded 150 per cent growth with an increase of 4.04 lakh litres this year. As much as 8.05 lakh litres of beer was consumed in Kodagu in 2004-05 while it was 12.09 lakh litres in 2005-06.

There was a surprise increase in the consumption of arrack in April (1.69 lakh litres), May (1.62 lakh litres), June (2.92 lakh litres), July (2.27 lakh litres) and August (2.28 lakh litres) in Kodagu in 2005-06 vis-a-vis 2004-05.

The consumption started dropping from September 2005-06 onwards. In February and March this year, arrack consumption showed a drastic decrease.

In terms of IML, the increase was steady in all the months of 2005-06 as against 2004-05.

In April, the increase was 8 per cent, followed by 26 per cent in May, 29 per cent in June, 28 per cent in July, 26 per cent in August, 18 per cent in September, 26 per cent in October, 19 per cent in November, 25 per cent in December, 19 per cent in January this year, 18 per cent in February and 34 per cent in March.

KSBCL sales

The sale of IML and beer sold in Kodagu through Karnataka State Beverages Corporation Ltd. (KSBCL) (to wholesalers) has showed a marked increase in 2005-06 as compared to 2004-05, Mr. Hussain said. IML and beer are sold in boxes.