Staff Reporter

It is open till January 31, 2007

Bangalore: The Employees State Insurance (ESI) Corporation has planned to drop criminal against people insured under the ESI Act and also the employers under an amnesty scheme.

The Standing Committee meetings on August 9 and 15 decided that insured persons facing prosecution under Section 84 of the ESI Act should be given financial help. The sum granted should be refunded in full to the ESI Corporation, and the insured person should not commit any crime in future.

Employers with criminal cases pending under the ESI Act up to the contribution period ending September 2005 will be excused from prosecution. This is subject to the condition that they pay employer's and employee's share of contribution in full for the period under prosecution.

Employers must pay the total sum of interest and damages due for the period of default. Full compliance with the ESI Corporation is required in order to profit from this amnesty scheme.

The present period of amnesty is from August 1, 2006 to January 31, 2007. Insured persons and employers who fulfil these conditions can apply to the Regional Director, ESIC, No. 10. Binnypet, Binny Fields, Bangalore 560 023.