Epilepsy is a neurological disorder; it is not a mental illness. It can be prevented by stemming brain damage during birth. It can also be prevented by wearing crash helmets and seat belts in cars.

Charts depicting these messages and many more facts about epilepsy are on display at a three-day exhibition, ‘Epilepsy and Women', organised by the Indian Epilepsy Association.

The exhibition, at the Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, was inaugurated by Chickpet MLA D. Hemachandra Sagar on Thursday. Addressing the gathering, Mr. Sagar said: “Even with so many inventions in the field of health, we are still witnessing deaths due to fever and headache. I hope our young generation will discover a remedy.”

G.T. Subhas, President, Indian Epilepsy Association, spoke on myths and realities about epilepsy.

A documentary on the subject will be screened at regular intervals during the exhibition, he said.

Indian Epilepsy Association Vice-President G.N. Manjunath, Victoria Hospital Medical Superintendent B.G. Tilak and other members of the association were present.