The Hubli-Dharwad Citizens’ Environment Protection Committee celebrated the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda by cleaning the historic Kelageri tank here on Saturday.

The committee members, public and the officials of the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS) Dharwad joined hands to complete the cleaning work.

Vice-Chancellor R.R. Hanchinal said on the occasion that for any programme to be a success, people’s cooperation is necessary. Many developmental works had been taken up at the Kelageri tank. However, none of them had been implemented satisfactorily, Prof. Hanchinal added. “However, I am sure that the tank cleaning programme initiated by these environmental groups would definitely be a success,” he said.

Prof. Hanchinal commended the work taken up by the youth in cleaning the Kelgeri tank, and stated that the UAS was always in the forefront to take up works to develop the tank.

Hubli-Dharwad Citizens’ Environment Protection Committee president Shankar Kumbi said that the Kelageri tank was a hundred year old and was one of the biggest tanks in Hubli-Dharwad. When it was being cleaned, materials used for witchcraft were found, he said, adding that “It is the duty of one and all to keep this tank clean”. He urged the UAS to deploy more people to guard the tank.

‘Green Brigade’ chief Prakash Gowda said that the tank was polluted because people were throwing waste, including plastic, into it.

‘Public must volunteer’

He said volunteers will continue work to clean the tank for a week and the general public should also join hands with them. He urged the public to ensure that the tank is kept clean and no waste is thrown into it.