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Government urged to hold a public meeting to discuss the project

The region has been adversely affected by industries set up there, says okkoota Fears thermal plant will have detrimental impact on agriculture, fishing

MANGALORE: The Dakshina Kannada Parisarasaktha Okkoota while reiterating its opposition to the proposed Tadari thermal power project in Uttara Kannada has urged the Chief Minister not to divert people's attention by setting up various committees to study the issue.

The ecologically fragile region has already been affected by a number of industries set up there. A press release from Mohammad Guthigar, secretary of the okkoota, said conditions were not favourable for setting up a thermal power plant in Uttara Kannada. Fishermen, farmers and environmentalists had witnessed the damage caused by industries functioning in Uttara Kannada, he said. The Government's move to discuss the impact the power plant at Tadari by setting up various committees was indicative of its desire not to drop the project, he said. The National Environmental Engineering Research Institute had pointed out the ill effects of setting up thermal power plants in coastal Karnataka. It had documented the damage in the form of acid rain in the Western Ghats region. It would have a detrimental impact on agriculture, fishing and other activities, he added.

If the Government intends to inform the people about the project, it should organise a public meeting, he said.