As per the directions of the Supreme Court, a team of experts, headed by V.K. Bahuguna, Director-General, Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE), will conduct its macro-level Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) study in the forest area in the State, Bellary region, caused due to mining, from August 25 to August 28.


The Supreme Court, which is hearing a writ petition filed by the Samaj Parivarthan Samudaya against illegal mining in the forest areas of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, had sought within three months a macro-level Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) of the region from the ICFRE in collaboration with the Wildlife Institute of India, the Forest Survey of India and such domain experts as may be decided by the ICFRE in consultation with the Environment Ministry.

S.S. Negi, S.C. Joshi, S.D. Sharma, A.N. Arun Kumar (all forestry research), Dharmendra Verma, Sudhir Kumar, V. Jeeva, H.V. Vashistha, (all from ICFRE), N. Rama Rao (Taxonomy), Babji (Aquatic Environment), Anish Pachu (Acquatic Fisheries), Kunshi Kanam (Biodiversity), V. Mohan (Soil Micro Flora), V.B. Mathur, Asha Rajvanshi, Karthik Vasudevan (all wildlife management) and M.L. Srivastava (Forest Resource Assessment) are the other members of the team.

The team is expected to participate in an interaction with various environmental and other organisations, including Samaj Parivarthan Samudaya, Federation of Indian Mining Industry (FIMI), Mine Owners Associations, other stake holders, and the media on August 25 in Hospet.

On August 26, the team will go round the forest areas in Ramgadh, Swamimalai, Donimalai and the north eastern block that is spread over the two taluks of Sandur and Hospet.

On August 27, the team will visit Gunda forest area and Bellary reserve forest area in Hospet and Bellary taluks, according to the team's itinerary released by Deputy Commissioner Amlan Aditya Biswas.

  • Supreme Court has sought report in three months
  • Team will visit Ramgadh, Swamimalai, etc.