Ever imagined a bicycle as a grinder and a power generator, or fog lamps of an automobile that can move according to the steering wheel.

These were some of the innovations students of HKBK College of Engineering here came up with for their annual projects.

Exhibited earlier in the week were more than 100 projects by final year students of the Departments of Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

“Our aim was to help the industries as they require a lot of manpower, electricity and cost. We kept the production industry in mind to identify defective materials not usually detected manually. Our project uses laser technology,” said Shah Ketul of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, speaking of his display.

Some of the projects included the use renewable energy such as solar and wind energy. “We feel that now we have finally done something good and have put our theoretical knowledge into practical application,” said Aishwarya Soman, studying electronics engineering.

Parallel parking, power generation for remote villages using solar and wind energy, projects for the aviation industry, unmanned vehicles and green electric bikes were some other projects on display.

  • More than 100 projects were on display

  • Many choose renewable energy as the topic