The Working Committee of Goa Government Employees’ Association (GGEA), which met on Wednesday evening in the city, discussed the issue of delay in payment of monthly salary to the government staff from various departments.

The issue of employees of departments such as Women and Child Development, Apna Ghar, Goa Medical College, Forest, Agriculture, Canacona Health Centre, electricity, Mamlatdar-Quepem, and so on where the employees had not yet received the salary for November and the hardships faced by the government employees owing to the delay in payment of salaries were discussed at the meeting.

The growing restlessness among the employees was discussed. It was felt that the delay became a regular feature ever since the State government decided to switch over to the payment of salaries through banks.

After an elaborate discussion, the working committee resolved to submit a memorandum to the Chief Minister urging him to direct the banks who were disbursing the salaries, to release the salaries of the government employees not withstanding whether the concerned department had made arrangement for payment in time or not, or restore to the earlier system of paying the salaries through departmental cashiers.

The GGEA shall be submitted a memorandum to the government on Thursday urging the Chief Minister to intervene and ensure the payment of salaries at the earliest possible. In the meanwhile, GGEA appealed to all the government employees not to resort to any agitation and maintain calm.