The Forest Department staff on Monday evening captured a female elephant and its male calf near Kenchamma Hoskote in Alur taluk. The mother elephant is aged about 35 years, while its calf is about 14 months old.

The department revived the operation to capture elephants on Monday, after a gap of 15 days. With the capture of two elephants, the number of elephants caught by the department has increased to 15.

The department has the task of capturing 25 elephants, which have been causing problems in Alur and Sakaleshpur taluks.

Ganesh Bhat, Deputy Conservator of Forests, told The Hindu that the two elephants captured had been tied with the help of domesticated elephants.

“We are targeting a group of five elephants. We will capture all members of the group and shift them together to elephant camps, where arrangements have been made to tame them,” he said.

The officers of the department had tied radio collars to the female elephants, which lead the group.

With the help of the radio collars, they could track the movement of groups and capture them.