The former Principal of Raja Lakhmagouda Law College D.Y. Kulkarni has appealed to voters to elect only those candidates who have the ability to play a constructive role in governance.

Inaugurating the National Voters' Day, organised under the auspices of the Election Commission of India here on Wednesday, Mr. Kulkarni said voters should play a responsible role in a democracy and elect persons committed to development and progress, and to protecting the integrity and sovereignty of the nation.Today, despite progress in various sectors, much of the country's population was deprived of quality food and the comforts enjoyed by other sections of society. The looting of resources and corruption was uncontrolled. Voters must think before they exercise their franchise instead of voting on the basis of caste and religion or for favours, gifts and money, Mr. Kulkarni said.

Director of the Institute of Management Education and Research Purushottam Bung, who presided over the function, pointed out the huge gap between the ‘haves' and ‘have-nots' in India, saying that corruption was rising with every passing day. Therefore, voters should not waste their opportunity to elect able and committed candidates to legislatures and Parliament, he said.

Belgaum Urban Development Authority Commissioner P.N. Ravindra spoke.