Efforts needed to promote Kannada: A.S.N. Hebbar

Writer A.S.N. Hebbar said on Tuesday all efforts should be made to promote Kannada and culture in the State.

Mr. Hebbar was presiding over the inaugural function of the two-day Seventh Udupi District Kannada Sahitya Sammelan organised by the district unit of Kannada Sahitya Parishat here.

Mr. Hebbar, who is the president of the sammelan, said that people in other countries loved their languages and spoke them.

But India was a multi-lingual country and hence no single language was being spoken throughout the country.

If people knew only Kannada, they would not be able to find employment in other States. Hence English could not be wished away. Parents were infatuated with English language and insisted that children learn that language to keep up their false prestige.

Kannada as a language should be compulsorily taught in English-medium schools of the State. Kannada was a rich language with an even richer vocabulary than English. Hindi could be promoted to have a single language in the country.

Usage of Kannada was vital in the courts as most of the clients understood only that language. Massive corruption prevailing in all spheres of life was deplorable. Even some people in the judiciary were found to be corrupt. This corruption had forced the social activist Anna Hazare to go on a fast.

This fast attracted the youth of country like never before. The Centre was forced to agree to pass the Lokpal Bill, which had been gathering dust for last 40 years.

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