The Ocean Information and Early Warning for Fishing and Safety Centre was inaugurated at Marine Biology Centre in Karwar on Friday. This is the first such centre in Karnataka. The marine zoology centre of Karwar, INCOIS Hyderabad, and the All India Radio, Karwar, had jointly arranged the programme.

The programme was inaugurated by Vasant Kumar Perla, chief of the All India Radio, Karwar. Mr. Perla said that AIR Karwar would broadcast the information every day twice (3.35 a.m. and 6.50 p.m.) to help fishermen and the public. The information included the Meteorological Information, height of the waves in the sea, condition of the sea, and the availability of the fish. P.M. Tandel and Balakrishnan Nayar spoke. U.G. Bhat welcomed the gathering.