As many as 114 people charged with theft, robbery, vehicle thefts and others in 231 criminal cases have been arrested by the North Division police in the last 20 days. While 46 cases related to Hebbal, 24 each to Nandini Layout and Rajagopalanagar police stations.

The police have also recovered property worth Rs. 1.73 crore, including 85 two-wheelers, 15 four-wheelers, 59 mobile phones, 12 kg silver articles, 3 kg gold ornaments and Rs. 3.1 lakh in cash. The accused were involved in 105 cases of vehicle thefts, 59 cases of cellphone theft, 44 cases of burglary and 16 cases of chain-snatching.


Talking to presspersons, Police Commissioner Shankar M. Bidari said there has been a significant decrease in the number of incidents of robbery, house-break thefts (HBT) in the night. Till June, 58 cases of robbery were reported compared to 208 cases reported during the same period last year.

While 596 cases of HBT (night) were reported till June last year, 471 cases were reported this year. There were 1,586 cases of theft last year, while 1,102 cases have been reported this year, Mr. Bidari reiterated. There has been a drop in the number of murders, HBT (day), motor vehicle thefts and criminal breach of trust cases, he added.

On the rise

However, Mr. Bidari said there has been an increase in instances of dacoity, chain-snatching, house thefts, cheating and distribution of counterfeit currency. While 167 cases of chain-snatching were reported in the last six months, there have been 33 cases of dacoity, 927 cases of house thefts, 1,582 cases of cheating and 35 cases of counterfeiting in the last six months, Mr. Bidari said.