Autorickshaw drivers and owners have urged Deputy Commissioner and Chairman of the Road Transport Authority S.S. Pattanashetty to direct officials not to insist on basic qualification for issuance of learning licences and renewal of driving licences.

A majority of autorickshaw drivers belonged to the Backward Classes and came from a poor background and had no formal education. Insisting on minimum qualification for issuance of driving licence would deprive them of a livelihood.

At a special meeting held here on Saturday, vice-president of the district unit of the All-India Trade Union Congress Umesh, president of the Dalit Auto Drivers Union Alur Lingaraj and general secretary of the Davangere Auto Drivers Association Ravikumar said that they had been informed by the authorities that the government had made it mandatory in 1985 for all auto drivers to have at least passed 8th standard to obtain a licence. Mr. Pattanashetty said that the government had fixed a pass in 8th standard as the basic requirement for issuance of driving licence. Officials have been instructed to strictly observe this stipulation. However, people who had obtained licence before October 1, 2007 need not produce a certificate on having completed 8th standard for licence renewal, he said.

  • ‘A majority of autorickshaw drivers do not

    have formal education’

  • Officials have been instructed to strictly observe the stipulation: Deputy Commissioner