Staff Reporter

Bangalore: Preliminary reports of the laboratory tests on samples of the hazardous waste found abandoned in barrels near Sriramapura point to pharmaceutical sludge.

However, the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) is awaiting the outcome of a few more tests for conclusively establishing the nature of the waste.

Meanwhile, the police sources said that the driver of the tractor, trailer of which was found on the vacant land belonging to the South Western Railway along with the barrels, has been apprehended near Hassan. “His interrogation is likely to give leads about the firm which transported the waste,” said a police officer.

KSPCB chairperson A.S. Sadashivaiah said the compounds found in the chemical are used for manufacture of drugs and the board is zeroing on firms using them during the manufacturing process. “It will take us a day or two to establish the nature of the fluid,” he said.

Mr. Sadashivaiah said the board wants to dig the land, where the barrels were found abandoned, to find out if it was used as an illegal dumpyard. The board officials found only nine barrels on the site, he said and added that their contents will be incinerated after the tests.