Staff Correspondent

It will be conducted in the night from today

HUBLI: The Hubli-Dharwad Municipal Corporation resumed the drive against stray cattle in the twin cities on Tuesday, after a gap of several months.

The drive was launched several months ago to ensure smooth movement of vehicles. The stray cattle caught were transported to Panjarpol on the outskirts of the city and handed over to the owners after they remitted the requisite fine amount.

It was discontinued after people stopped letting lose cattle on the roads. But now, the menace has resurfaced.

Rewards announced

This time, the corporation announced rewards for those catching stray cattle and transporting them to Panjarpol. But the scheme failed to get public patronage following protests against the way in which a non-governmental organisation (NGO) had tried to transport the cattle it had caught. The drive had been resumed in the wake of repeated complaints from the public, Health Officer of HDMC A.C. Swamy said.

Four stray cattle had been caught during the drive carried out at Traffic Island, Dajibanpet, Maratha Galli, CBT and Myadar Oni. As many as 40 employees had carried out the drive, he said. The drive that began in the morning on Tuesday had to be suspended owing to people gathering in huge numbers, and affecting traffic. It would be conducted in the night from Wednesday, he said.

The stray cattle caught would not be handed over to anyone (even the owner) but the Panjarpol or Goraksha Samsaths this time, he said.