The Government on Thursday pledged to make the State free from drinking water problem in the next five years by implementing various water supply schemes, including water harvesting.

Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department Principal Secretary Amita Prasad, who inaugurated World Water Day celebrations, called upon officials and NGOs to make all out efforts to free the State from water problems — fluoride, arsenic and nitrate — in the next five years. Fluoride content was a major cause for diseases in 14 districts of the State, she said.

Groundwater has been depleting at an alarming rate owing to excessive drawl of water and mismanagement. Management of water was a major challenge for authorities of the department as well as other stakeholders. The department spent nearly Rs. 1,500 crore annually for ensuring quality drinking water to people in various villages/hamlets of the State, she said.

Role of NGOs

Noting the role of NGOs and communities in the sustainable management of water resources, Ms. Prasad called upon the households to adopt water harvesting technologies by utilising subsidy for the purpose given by the Government.

The State has received an incentive of Rs. 100 crore from the Union Government for effective implementation of the schemes. The World Bank-aided Jal Nirmal Project had also been implemented successfully in various States, particularly in north Karnataka villages, to provide potable water to the people, she said.

  • Fluoride content a major cause for diseases

    in 14 districts

  • Nearly Rs. 1,500 crore spent a year to ensure potable water in villages