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Lectures will be held to mark World Environment Day

Drawing contestThe topic is "Environment and its cleanliness" for students of classes one to seven"Save Environment for our Survival" is the topic for students of classes eight to ten

GULBARGA: The District Science Centre and the Centre of Environment Education will observe World Environment Day on June 5. It will organise a drawing competition, an open-house quiz for students and lectures on biodiversity and the environment to create awareness among children on the theme of the year "Deserts and Desertification," and slogan of the year "Don't Desert Dry Lands."

District science officer B.R. Viswanath said here on Saturday that the drawing competition on the topic "Environment and its cleanliness" would be organised on June 5 at the District Science Centre here for students of classes one to seven.

Drawing competition on "Save the environment for our survival" would be organised the same day for students of classes eight to ten.

An open-house quiz on "Ecology and Environment" would be held for students of class five to the pre-university course. Mr. Viswanath said that each school could field 10 students each in the quiz.