Goa Convention of Workers (GCW), a coalition of major trade unions, on Tuesday opposed the “draft” notification of the Goa government proposing revision of minimum wages in “Schedules of employment”.

Convenor of Goa Convention of Workers Suhas Naik said that at a meeting convened by the government on Monday, GCW rejected the “draft” notification even though the employers gave their consent to revise minimum wages to unskilled category of workers at Rs. 205 a day from Rs.150 a day.

He said Goa Convention of Workers was of a firm view that the notification had been issued by the government after inordinate delay without taking into consideration the guidelines laid down by the apex court and suggestions by the labour advisory committees set up for fixation and revision of minimum wages. The proposed revision of minimum wages had not been linked to dearness allowance (DA). Goa is one of the 12 States, which has not yet linked minimum wages to DA. The Goa Convention of Workers has sought a revision immediately for all “Schedules of employment” such as for “unskilled category” Rs. 385 a day, for “semi-skilled” Rs. 410 a day, for “skilled” Rs. 435 a day and for “highly skilled” Rs. 485 a day.

It has demanded that the minimum wages be linked to periodic revision in DA and the State government implement it without any delay.