S.S. Mallikarjun, Davangere MLA (North), took strong objection to making children wear trousers “like RSS activists” and take part in the Vivekananda procession held here on Wednesday.

At the Karnataka Development Programme review meeting held here on Wednesday, Mr. Mallikarjun said that he had noticed hundreds of children being taken in a procession to observe the celebrations. He severely came down on the idea of making children wear trousers in the fashion of RSS workers and taking them in a procession.

His view was shared by Vadnal Rajanna and H.S. Shivashankar, MLAs, who also came down on the incident.

Chief Executive Officer of the Davangere Zilla Panchayat A.B. Hemachandra said that the matter would be investigated and action taken against the school headmasters based on the outcome of the probe.