Veteran Konkani playwright, director, radio artiste and comedy actor Avitas Adolphus Cutinha, who is known as “Dolla Mangalore” will receive this year’s annual award instituted by the Konkani Kutam Bahrain. Dolla is the shortened version of Adolphus.

The award carries a purse of Rs. 50,000, a citation and a memento. Mr. Cutinha, who developed an interest in Tamil films and animal circus at an early age, got an opportunity to play a silent role in Sri Giri’s Konkani drama “Kalloka Pattlean Uzwad” (Light Behind Darkness) at the age of 10. Since his subsequent role in Tulu play “Kaljigada Madiamal” (Modern Bride) many offers came his way from Tulu and Konkani play directors. Besides writing several Tulu and Konkani plays himself, he has acted in over 300 plays in the two languages and directed around 50 plays. Religious plays like Mother Teresa, Devache Dha Upades (Ten Commandments), Shipai Santh (Soldier Saint), Somia Tum Khaim Vetai (Lord, where thou goest?) were notable among those he directed. Richard Moras, convenor of the Kutam, said in a release that the actor had opportunities to prove his talent in Konkani movies such as Bhoglant (Allegation) and Mog Ani Oipas (Love and Affection) and Kannada films such as Tuvvi Tuvvi, SMS 6260 and Tulu telefilm Sahana. He has produced audio castes Gol-Fel-Chal and Fokannam Fokannam containing jokes, Mr. Moras added.

The award will be presented on July 28.