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Only 14,000 sites can be allotted owing to controversy, House told

Politicians and officials pressured the Government to denotify their land: Roshan Baig Farmers have not been compensated for land acquired: Vatal `Sites should not have been distributed to non-Kannadigas'

BANGALORE: Minister for Home Affairs M.P. Prakash said in the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday that the Government was ready to present before the House documents pertaining to the formation of the Bangalore Development Authority's Arkavathy Layout.

Replying to Vatal Nagaraj (Kannada Chaluvali), Mr. Prakash, who was replying on behalf of Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy, said the Government had acquired 1,224 acres of land for forming housing sites under the project, envisaged by the S.M. Krishna government. Originally, 2,750 acres of land was notified, of which 480 acres was owned by the Government.

Mr. Prakash said that the Government had earlier decided to allot 20,000 sites. But owing to a controversy over land acquisition and a Karnataka High Court order, it had now been decided to allot 14,000 sites. Steps were being taken to distribute 8,813 sites in various categories. The BDA had received 2,37,090 applications for sites.


The cost of acquisition of 1,224 acres of land was Rs. 244.80 crore. The Government had paid Rs. 3.14 crore to farmers as compensation for the land acquired, Mr. Prakash said and added that the rest of the compensation had to be paid.

Speaker Krishna accepted a suggestion from Mr. Nagaraj and converted the question into a matter for a short-duration discussion. Mr. Krishna took the step following several questions posed by Opposition members, urging the Government to provide facts on the denotification of land earmarked for the layout.

Earlier, Mr. Nagaraj and Srinivas Gowda, R. Roshan Baig and Ramesh Kumar (Congress) requested the Minister to provide details of denotification.

Mr. Baig claimed that a few prominent personalities, including politicians and officials, who had land in the area, had pressured the Government to denotify their land. He wanted the Government to place records in the House.

Mr. Nagaraj said farmers had not been given adequate compensation for their lands, and demanded setting up of a House committee to go into the matter. He opposed distribution of sites to non-Kannadigas.

Mr. Prakash said the issue could be discussed and, if necessary, the records could be referred to by the Opposition members in the Speaker's chamber. He did not have details, and the members could send a separate question, he said.

The Speaker allowed a detailed discussion on the issue.