Doctors in Mangalore come to the 'rescue' of third umpires

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SOLUTION? The Black Toe developed by the two doctors.
SOLUTION? The Black Toe developed by the two doctors.

M. Raghuram

'Black Toe' will help in locating the exact position of the bat, they say

MANGALORE: A solution to the most vexing problem of cricket umpiring has come from couple of doctors in Mangalore.

Dr. Arunachalam Kumar and his associate Dr. M.B. Abhishek of Mangalore say they have found a simple remedy to ward off controversies over run-out decisions. Dr. Kumar says that one of the most disputed and debated areas in international cricket has been the decisions taken by third umpire on run-outs. The state-of-the-art camera and instant replays were not fully able to deliver dispute-free run-out decisions despite the third umpire reviewing over and over if the batsman was in or out. A few common doubts that come to the minds of third umpires are: 'Has the batsman grounded the bat? 'Was his bat on the crease? Or was it over the crease, but in air? Many third umpires in the past have given wrong decisions. It is human to err but when the error sends a batsman like Sachin Tendulkar or Brian Lara back to the pavilion, it hurts.

Minor alteration

Dr. Kumar and Dr. Abhishek have come up with a minor alteration to the toe of the bat. They call it "Black Toe". They have wound the toe of the bat with black tape which will enable the third umpire to see clearly in slow motion if the bat has crossed the crease in time or not. The black toe of the bat contrasts with white crease and gives the umpire the perfect position of bat, they claim.

The presentation last month at an international conference of the Federation of Sports Medicine held in Gaya, Bihar titled 'Bio-chronological rhythms and one-day Cricket' was also awarded best paper, Dr. Kumar says.




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