Bandhs cause hardship to people, result in loss of manhours, say our readers

No mass support

Bandhs do not gain mass support for any cause, however justified. People respond only because of fear psychosis and not genuine sympathy. There are other peaceful ways of protest possible in a democracy. Why disrupt normal life by shutting down an entire city or the State?

S. Pishe,


Thousands hit hard

During any bandh, thousands of persons are stranded at railway stations and bus stations. Single working people find no place to eat. No organisers of a bandh can guarantee that there will be no violence.

Mamata K.,


Only as last resort

Protest if you must but not at the cost of others. A general strike brings with it a plethora of problems.

A public rally or demonstration, controlled and disciplined, provides enough scope to publicly show one's protest.

A general strike should only be the last resort.

Radha Sharma,


Earnings lost

The problem with a bandh is that it encourages anti-social elements to flex their muscles, settle scores with rivals and indulge in destruction of public and private property.

Daily wage earners and roadside hawkers lose their income, and in industry and business, manhours and productivity are lost.

A. Krishnaswamy,


Protest peacefully

The right to protest in inherent in a democracy. There may be grave issues, which can be brought to public notice only through bandhs.

But, there are also other means of peaceful protest available. If people are coerced into stopping their daily activity, public sympathy for their cause is likely to be lost in the long run.

Neha Mendes,

Benson Town

Go for alternatives

Will anyone willingly give up a day's income in these days of galloping inflation?

This is what bandhs are forcing many of us into. In terms of productivity lost in industries, the losses can be huge.

Public debates through the media, meetings and even peaceful demonstrations can be better alternatives to register protest.

Rita Prasad,

New Thippasandra

Totally irrelevant

Frequent bandhs and protest rallies adversely affect our daily lives. We in turn need to protest against them. There are any number of non-disruptive kinds of protests available as better options.

General strikes may have been relevant when the country went was fighting for independence from British rule, and not in today's circumstances.

Farha M.,

Fraser Town

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