Shri (Kannada)

Cast: Vijay Raghavendra, Komal Kumar, Ananth Nag, Avinash, Rahul Dev, Jennifer, Vinaya Prakash, and Bhavya

Director: Prakash

DIRECTOR PRAKASH'S new venture "Shri" introduces the moviegoer to unfamiliar themes, plots, stunts and shots of popular films of Chuck Norris, Van Damme and Jackie Chan. But it disappoints those who expect much from Prakash who is known for handling sensitive themes with a touch of class.

Shri is an above average film. Realistic narrative style, impressive screenplay and incisive dialogues help the director to prove his mettle. They also help in sustaining the audience's interest till the end. On the contrary, pointless comedy, badly conceived sentimental situations, recurring feats of Thai-based martial arts minus its grace and aesthetics, and want of basic working knowledge in some respects go against the director.

Shri (Vijay Raghavendra) is a martial art expert working in a Bangkok restaurant to earn money to clear the loan on a house in Bangalore. He accidentally encounters Deepa (Jennifer), a Bangalore girl, while she is in distress at downtown Bangkok. He saves her from her unscrupulous elements, unaware of her involvement in a bank heist. He continues to support her even after coming to know about it. Their fate at the hands of a villain Rahul (Rahul Dev) and the law form the story line.

Vijay Raghavendra, Komal Kumar, Rahul Dev and Jennifer have infused life into the theme and made the film worth watching.