Nuclear families are here to stay, and real estate developers have already found ways to help two generations live close by without treading on each other’s toes.

So the buzzword is ‘doublements’. These are two-bedroom units that are contiguous with one-bedroom units, linked to each other by a common door. This door allows parents and their married children to preserve privacy. Industry analyst Shrinivas Rao, (CEO, Asia Pacific, Vestian Global) says that the idea of ‘doublements’ rose from an attempt to achieve the best of both worlds. So much so that developers have begun taking apart larger three- and four-bedroom units to customise them to suit the buyers’ preference.

Doublements afford privacy for a nuclear family without compromising on the security that a joint family offers. This idea is being tried out, among others, by Divyashree Developers.

The ‘adjacent, yet private’ arrangement ensures that ageing parents can be cared for while retaining the independence of the old and young.

Nikhil Jadhav of Akruti Developers is also trying out a similar experiment. Mr. Jadhav says: “I have conceptualised housing for the 50+ (age group) and units for their children in the same complex. They can walk down and look each other up whenever they want.”