The city is wearing a colourful look as people of all faiths gear up to celebrate Holi on Friday.

Special pujas were offered to Rati and Manmatha at pandals across the city on ‘Holi Hunnime' on Thursday. The effigy of Manmatha will be burnt early on Friday as part of ‘Kama Dahana'.

There has been brisk sale of colours, musical instruments, especially the ‘halage', and decorative material since Wednesday.


A group of environmentalists led by Mukund Maigur urged people to use natural colours during the celebrations, but these eco-friendly colours are not easily available in the market here, and have to be brought from Sirsi.

Clay artiste Manjunath Hiremath, known for popularising eco-friendly Ganesh idols, has produced natural colours using vegetables, turmeric and sandalwood, among other ingredients. He said he was ready to produce the colours on a large scale if there was demand. “No other occasion gives as much joy as sprinkling colours on each other, [so] let us celebrate it in a safe way,” he said.