The scorching heat of the hottest March in years has people scurrying for cover, right into the arms of those dealing in air conditioners and coolers.

Normally, the demand for coolers and air conditioners peaks in April and May, but this year sales rose from March in Bangalore, dealers say.

‘Not a luxury’

“We expect a 30 per cent increase in sales this season over last year,” said Vinaya B. Javali, the general manager of an FMCG store in Indiranagar. Customers have begun to look at air conditioners as a necessity more than a luxury, he added.

Vijish P.S., deputy manager of another FMCG store, said that they started stocking up by mid-March as customers started walking in with enquiries. He said they were expecting a rise in number of customers over the next two months.

However, air conditioners still cost a pretty penny, and remain out of reach for some. One such person is Manoj Joseph: “Buying an air conditioner is out of the question because of the cost, so I prefer to buy coolers, which are affordable.”

  • ‘We expect a 30 per cent increase in sales

    this season over last year’

  • Some prefer coolers to air conditioners

    because of cost

  • Customers started walking in with enquiries in

    mid-March, says

    store manager