There has been an inordinate delay implementation of the Basava Housing Scheme, a flagship programme of the State government, in Gulbarga and Yadgir districts. Housing Minister V. Somanna admitted the delay in a written reply to Allamprabhu Patil (Congress) in the Legislative Council. The housing scheme was announced in 2010, and the government fixed targets for 2010–11. But no targets were set for subsequent years owing to the delay in construction of houses allotted in 2010–11.

Against the 56,345 and 27,571 houses allotted under the scheme for Gulbarga and Yadgir districts respectively, the Minister said that only 23,011 and 14,269 beneficiaries had been selected in Gulbarga and Yadgir districts respectively. He added that only 5,104 and 1,038 houses had been completed in Gulbarga and Yadgir districts. In Gulbarga North, the government allotted 4,000 houses and, so far, not one beneficiary had been selected.

Following are details of the total number of houses allotted to Assembly constituencies. Afzalpur: Total number of houses granted 5,600, total number of beneficiaries selected 3,769, and total number of houses constructed 537; Aland: 4,000, 1,905 and 871; Chincholi: 12,500, 5,892 and 647; Chittapur: 4,000, 2,340 and 849, Gulbarga South: 5,000, 2,418 and 958, Gulbarga Rural: 4,000, 2,169 and 432, Gulbarga North: 4,000, 0, 0; Jewargi: 9,000, 2,001 and 466; Sedam: 8,245, 2,517 and 344; and Gulbarga district 56,345; 23,011 and 5,104.

The situation was more or less the same in Yadgir district. Gurmitkal Assembly constituency: Total number of houses sanctioned 4,000, beneficiaries selected 2,434 and houses completed 226; Shahpur: 6,000, 2,760, 27; Surpur: 12,425, 7,290 and 526; and Yadgir 5,146, 1,785 and 259.

  • The housing scheme was announced

    in 2010

  • ‘Targets fixed for 2010–11 have not been met yet’