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Anisha Sheth
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COLLECTOR'S ITEMS: Antique wooden articles at ‘Treasure House' at Car Street. — PHOTO: R. ESWARRAJ
COLLECTOR'S ITEMS: Antique wooden articles at ‘Treasure House' at Car Street. — PHOTO: R. ESWARRAJ

How will you place an object inside a box if it can't be opened? Walk into The Treasure House on Car Street which has many such numerous masterpieces.

The shop crams into its small space the truly amazing articles which can actually be used every day.

Two of these include two cigarette holders which can be operated mechanically to release a cigarette. One of the boxes is flat and holds cigarettes in a row. Depressing a portion of the box releases a cigarette.

The other box cannot be opened. The box is about eight inches long and three inches tall.

The top of the box, which is intricately carved with a floral design, has a long flat strip in the middle, which is separate from the rest of the panel.

The box is designed in such a way that all you have to do is lift the top panel and release it. The narrow strip in the middle of the panel will have your cigarette ready when released.

To put cigarettes inside the box, place the cigarette on the narrow strip and lift the panel, and voila! The cigarette disappears into the box.

There is a wooden box about two inches high, with small golden metal dots spaced like those on a die.

The box contains a set of five normal-sized wooden dice, which are marked with gold dots. The simple yet elegant box of dice costs Rs. 70.

Shop owner Suraj Kiran Nayak said the very few items in the shop were real antiques. Most of them were replicas modelled on real antiques. Two centres where such items were largely sourced from are Sahranpur and Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh. Sahranpur is known for its wooden articles.

Intricately carved wooden combs, wooden bangle stands, a metal box shaped like musical instruments and peacocks, wind chimes, chests of drawers, stools, jewellery boxes, wooden ladles and spoons, are just some of the things one can use on an everyday basis.




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