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'Madhumeha Samvada' will be organised on Sunday

Delay in diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy may lead to loss of vision Laser treatment is the only option at an advanced stage

HUBLI: Dr. M.M. Joshi Eye Institute, Hubli, in association with diabetologists, is organising a 'Madhumeha Samvada' on Sunday. This is part of a campaign to create awareness about the impact of diabetes on the eyes.

M.M. Joshi, Medical Director and Chief Ophthalmic surgeon, and A.S. Guruprasad, Vitreo-retinal Consultant, told presspersons here on Friday that diabetes can cause cataract, eye muscle paralysis, optic nerve weakness and retinopathy. But most diabetics are not aware of this.

Diabetic retinopathy is a blinding disorder, which can affect the blood vessels in the retina. This may cause bleeding of retinal blood vessels and leakage of fluid from the blood causing oedema. But often, patients come to know about the symptoms only at a late stage.

Delay in diagnosis can lead to loss of vision, Dr. Guruprasad said.

Laser treatment is the only option at an advanced stage. Even this can produce better results during early stages of the disease. Hence diabetic patients should get their eyes examined regularly, he said.

Dr. Guruprasad said 'Madhumeha Samvada' will involve an interaction between patients and a panel of diabetologists comprising G.B. Sattur, Harish Joshi, R.G. Babruwad and Sandhya Kulkarni. The interaction will be followed by a detailed retinal examination of patients.

Retinal camera

Dr. Guruprasad said the institute has the latest model retinal camera, which helps in conducting retinal angiography to treat retinopathy.

Ophthalmic surgeons K.S. Satyamurthy and R. Krishnaprasad were present.