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‘Efforts on to rope in all ‘likeminded’ political parties’

BELLARY: The Communist Party of India (Marxist) is optimistic over the formation of the Third Front at the national level to fight the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress, Basudevacharya, MP, has said. Addressing a press conference here on Monday, he said efforts to form the Third Front by bringing all “likeminded” political parties together, were being made for the past few years and now, things seemed to be looking better. “We intend to come together on a common platform to fight against the “faulty” policies of the Congress and the BJP. Discussions are on with non-BJP and non-Congress parties regarding alliance formation. Parties such as the Telugu Desam Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party, which did not support our (Left) stand earlier, have now begun to see a common vision,” he added.

He said the purpose behind forming the Third Front was not limited to the coming Lok Sabha elections, but to make it a permanent forum of political debate and action.

No difference

Stating that there was no difference in approach between the Congress and the BJP, he said the CPI(M) had decided to work towards defeating the BJP and the Congress. However, Mr. Basudevacharya predicted that neither the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) nor the United Progressive Alliance would get a majority in the next elections. He also clarified that the CPI(M) would not extend support to the Congress in case of a hung Parliament.

“They (Congress) have operationalised the nuclear deal which we opposed tooth and nail”, he said.

Mounting an attack on the UPA Government for its “failure” to initiate steps to combat the global recession,

Mr. Basudevacharya said the Government should have increased investment in public sector enterprises to prevent retrenchment of employees, control price rise and strengthen the public distribution system. But, it seemed least bothered, he added.