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Centre too draws flak for not checking price rise

Nothing is being done about price rise, says party leader

‘Democracy has collapsed in the face of illegal mining and corruption'

MANGALORE: The Communist Party of India on Saturday alleged that the State Government was displaying its pro-capitalist attitude by inviting foreign investments while organising a festival in the name of Rani Abbakka, who had fought against monopolistic forces.

The party also accused the Centre of failing to contain price rise.

The party's State secretary, Siddanagouda Patil, and its State secretariat member, H.V. Ananthasubba Rao, said in a joint press statement here that the Government was displaying haste in building infrastructure, joining hands with multinational companies (MNC) but hardly showed enthusiasm in rural development.


The Government had failed to make proper use of the funds collected for providing relief to the victims of floods in north Karnataka, though a year had elapsed after the tragedy. People living in temporary structures were getting anxious as another rainy season was imminent.

The Government was not doing anything to mitigate the woes of people hit by price rise. Instead, it was busy getting the law passed to prohibit cow slaughter.

The law was passed more to divert the attention of the people from the real issues facing the State.

No democracy

The absence of Government in the State was palpable and parliamentary democracy had collapsed in the face of illegal mining and corruption and immoral activities of the State ministers. The Government had not taken action against the guilty in the rent-a-riot sting operation by the leaders of Sri Rama Sene.

The Union Government under the United Progressive Alliance had also failed to control price rise that had put common man under lot of hardship. Yet it was showing lip sympathy to the cause of passing a law for granting right to food. Workers were losing jobs because of the industrial policy of the Union Government.

In the last one year, 14 lakh people had lost their jobs across the country.

The pro-MNC Government, which did not have the support of the left parties like it had in its first term, did not introduce any pro-people programmes so far, he said.